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About Our Community

Canary Wharfian is an optionally anonym community of university students and finance professionals. You are welcomed to protect your identity in order to voice your honest opinion.

You can use your real name, or you can use the ‘Target/Non-Target/Bulge Bracket/MM’ format to actively protect your identity. Disclose any personal information at your own risk. Please respect fellow community members and their identities. Revealing a fellow member’s identity is not tolerated. For more information on our privacy policy click here.

Our site and all information shared on it is centred on the financial capital of continental Europe, namely the City of London and Canady Wharf. Some of the guidance and advice offered here may differ from other regions in EMEA. There are differences in culture, recruitment, compensation, opportunities, internships, and work placements available.


Always post new threads in the appropriate category. If your thread does not neatly fit into a category, post it in the off-topic discussions.

CV Shredder

You can ask members of the community to review your resume. Before you upload your CV, ensure it’s in Microsoft Word or PDF file format, Further, ensure you’ve removed your personal details and that headlines are properly formatted.

Use the search bar to easily find content

Before posting a new question, search to see if it’s been discussed before. Proceed only if it’s different enough to create a new thread.


Multiple forum accounts are not permitted. Please limit your forum membership to one account only. Duplicate or multiple accounts are removed.

No advertising in signatures is allowed, unless granted.

Don’t post copyright-protected material when quoting articles from other websites. Don’t repost full articles, instead quote the beginning, and link to the source by URL.

If you’re unhappy with a comment or thread, click the Report button. Please keep discussions respectful. Our community’s purpose is to share knowledge and "inside information", give advice, and help members become successful in their career.

Liking Content

If you find a comment or thread particularly useful, show your appreciation to the author by clicking the Like button under the post.

Getting Verified

We appreciate professionals who contribute to our community. We appreciate it even more when they reach out and ask to have a verified badge adorned on their user box. With a verified badge, members will know when the information provided comes from a reliable source. This increases confidence among members and allows professionals to better help other members.

To get a verified badge, you need only direct message us from your LinkedIn profile.

Site Suggestions

At Canary Wharfian, we’re always improving. We’d like to hear your constructive ideas on how we can make the platform better. To make a suggestion, please post it in the Site Suggestions section.