What I Observed During My AC

Aug 8, 2015
I thought to share with you guys what I learned from doing my first-ever assessment centre at a BB investment bank.

1, Be Friendly With Everyone
If you are friendly only with HR and employees of the firm but not other students: fuck you. Treat everyone with the same. That means making small talk even if you don't want to.

2, Be Confident
Goes with out saying, but have confidence in yourself. Acknowledge if you are wrong. Watching your body language is important (hands out of pockets, face the other person with your full body, don't pick your nose, keep focused on the speaker, stand straight etc.).

3, Don't Be Dismissive in Teamwork
I did that, and I got dinged. Be respectful to the other person's views and don't be afraid to explain your reasoning. Also, keep your hands on the table during the group project.

4, Be Engaged and Happy That You Are There
You would think it goes without saying, right? Reality is different. No one likes to work with a grumpy person. Put a genuine smile on. I didn't get much sleep the night before as I guess most of the people, but I didn't let it to show, unlike others.

5, Get Off Your Chair & Network
Don't be on your phone. Get up and talk to as many people as possible. This is especially important when employees come down and "mingle" with you. They will look at your name tag and I assume the more people is going to vouch for you in the end, the better chance you have in getting the job.

6, Keep Your Character
Obviously, in the interviews they will are going to pressure you. Don't let that affect you: what worked for me is treating it as a conversation. Just remember the person sitting on the other end of the table is a human being as well. Do watch their facial expressions/reactions and try work off it when you are giving an answer.

7, Keep Calm
Don't be paranoid. Chill TFO -> everything will be OK.

8, Make an Awesome First Impression
- Big smile
- Firm (dry) handshake
- Plenty of relevant NOT BS questions
- Remember names
- Leave a good impression ("It was a pleasure meeting you. Have a great rest of the day.")

9, Wear a conservative tie (no red tie). And no brown shoes

10, Send a Follow-up Email After Interviews
Before one of my panel interviews, the interviewers gave me their business cards. It would have been OK to email them and it would even have helped my case, but I wasn't confident that they liked me or even if myself enjoyed it. So I didn't, which I now regret. Send the email.

I would be interested in hearing your guys' opinion on how to give the best of your performance or your experiences.