Should I include trading experience on my CV?

Aug 26, 2014
I've started trading with ig, but for the moment with practice money. Do you think it's worth a mention on my CV if I'm successful?

Daniel Plainview

Investment Banking
Jan 16, 2016
It depends on what the rest of your CV looks like, but I'd lean towards leaving it off. It will be better suited to being included in cover letters and answers to specific application questions. On a graduate programme or internship, for example. It would also be good to mention in interviews, so long as you can clearly explain some of the strategies you choose and what you have learnt from the experience so far.
Feb 16, 2016
I also agree with Alex and Daniel...we must also remember that the psychology behind real money accounts and demo accounts are hugely different. Fear is one of the hardest things to control...but strategically beneficial when trying to plan and create trading ideas.