Sales and Trading Summer Analyst... Annihilate my CV


Sep 18, 2014

After taking a look at previous threads, hopefully this post will form some light relief from Spring Weeks/ M&A.

I've been fortunate with my work experience to date and am happy with my CV's presentation, however my main concern is the content. I know I have all the skills necessary to secure an internship but am just not confident that this comes across in my CV.

I'd also be interested in any advice you have for me in general.

To let you know my situation, last year I did two spring weeks at Top 6 BBs. Both fast tracked me in the application process but rejected me in the final round for a lack of market awareness.

I continued to apply for other internships and secured interviews with the Top 3. Again, all rejected me in the final round. One said too cocky, one said not enough market awareness and my top choice said 'too salesy for a rotational internship'.

Anyway, I'm back again (with a new email address and account on application portals) and *finally* realised that I may need to keep up with the FT/ Economist and not just rely on competencies!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Aug 19, 2014
First problem: your CV is far, far too packed.

- all bullets under your university are pointless: remove them. Perhaps put your predicted grade (note: as 'First Class honours') on a bullet
- refer to EPQ as EPQ
- get rid of your GCSEs bullet
- remove the Maths Olympiads bullet unless you've an achievement from them you can list
- are your dates for your school correct?

Profesional experience: reduce this down to your top three experiences

Experience 1 (Tech):
- what business?
- research on what market? What did you learn?
- how did learning web design help your budget? What was your budget? Give me numerical information

Exp 2:
- 'submitted a week before deadline' isn't positive. It tells me you're impatient; never throw away time
- 'challenged the 'roadmap'' makes no sense to me. Try to explain that better
- 4th bullet is vague. Tell me exactly what you did and what you gained

I'd be tempted to remove the Spring Internships as they don't really add anything. Maybe keep one of them and remove one of your Big 4 experiences.

Campus leadership & PT employment (definitely change the title of this to something less grandiose):

Exp 1:
- 3rd bullet is again vague. The first two are strong - appeal to a structure/format like those

Exp 2:
- bullet 2: like what?
- bullet 3: see above. You're being far too vague

Exp 3:
- what are 'best practices'? How exactly did you do it?
- working to deadlines isn't really a notable achievement for this one
- 3rd bullet is good

- keep your formatting consistent: use a dash rather than a comma for the 1st point

- do you have anything that can reasonably demonstrate your poker interest? If not, remove it

Remove all references: if your CV is >1 page you will be binned