How to strengthen my profile until it comes to SW recruiting?

Aug 23, 2014
Ok, i'm soon to be applying for spring weeks but feel as though my application is not that strong.

Any advice on what i could do now or immediately when i get back to uni to strengthen my application?
Aug 11, 2014
Well, the summer is over and unfortunately that's where you could have done the biggest improvement. However, here are some things you could do:

- start reaching out to alumni currently working at banks and ask for a quick phone call. keep the message short & sweet and don't go the carpet bombing method (make sure you tailor each message to the person you are writing to)
- try to get some higher position at a society: other than simply being a member. Ask for some legit responsibility if you can
- are you good at something? you could try freelancing at sites such as or, however, this one will take a lot of your time (all the prep and the work combined); but will definitely boost your profile and you can also earn some money
- try some activities and see if there is one which you really enjoy. get on a hobby which you really like.
- and finally feel free to upload your CV to the shredder, it does matter a lot how you present yourself/your background
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Investment Banking
Aug 25, 2014
At this point, it's not about your application necessarily being strong. As mentioned, reach to any alumni so they can bat for you and pass your name onto HR.

Networking. Networking. Networking. Get all your applications in, and if a firm comes to visit your campus, go make a great impression. Ex Tesco trolley boys get SWs but its not because they were great trolley boys. They just convinced someone that they deserved an interview.

Oh, also, I speak from experience as a tesco trolley boy the summer before university ;)
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