CV review for Spring Week M&A

Aug 24, 2014
London, UK

Maybe you can give me advice on my cv?
I want to increase my chance to get a SW at a BB. I'm also working on passing the online test and doing good, I'd rather not be threw out during the screening part.

Thanks in advance.


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Aug 11, 2014
Achieved a 17/20 (A*AA equivalent) overall with 19/20 in Mathematics and Further Mathematics -> make this a bulletpoint (and make it non-italic)

- You have used a different style for your points at the micro-fin part, make them constant

- At the Center of France there is a long "-" symbol and not a short one (as it's everywhere else)

- remove the "." points at the end of your sentences

- perhaps this is just me, but I'd remove the Activites and leave only a jacked up version of the Interests section. Keep it simple stupid and write sth like: Music theory, Basketball (team captain in Yr 12/13), Played percussions for 10 years, Fencing (sounds better than swimming). -> and that's about it. No point in listing what societies your a member of.

Nicely done anyway, just put the effort into preppin for tests as you said, cover letters and also competency questions, you got many interviews coming.
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Aug 24, 2014
London, UK
Thank you for your advices again, it's very useful.
I didn't notice the "-" longer symbol to begin with, and it's definitely better without it.

I'll buy the graduate monkey all-in-one pack and practice daily for my month of holidays left before starting uni. I guess that one-hour a day should do the job fairly!


Investment Banking
Aug 25, 2014
Pretty much covered already by member above.

Use larger bulletpoints for the main descriptions - yours start at the top of the sentence. Then when you hit tab, ideally, you want a hyphenated bullet, not those hideous circles.

Personally, I write out all numbers up to 10 in numerical form. Most will say up to 9. That's me being picky.

Avoid fillers. You say 'came in direct contact with...' works but so does 'Direct contact with...'. This helps when your CV gets longer.

This is a good start. Of course prepare for 'why banking' when you set up a company that turned 20k in 10 months. A good banker in the room will say, if you reinvested profits and continued to the grow the business, what's stopping you from generating 100k in 3 years with the help of selling a small equity stake?