Amplify Trading a scam?

Aug 11, 2014
In short, a ripoff. Save your money and do something else with it. The (positive) reviews you have seen are mostly paid by the company and so are ingenuine.

Their "reputation" among investment banks is non-existent. Practically no ones cares.
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Apr 3, 2017
University of Leeds
Hi Lenny,

First, thank you for the interest in my firm. We have worked incredibly hard over the last nine years to build a strong reputation, and I would like to categorically state that all reviews on our site are 100% genuine. Most of the reviewers have their LinkedIn profile available, and I am sure they would not mind brief message if you wanted to contact them directly.

Our behavioural and technical assessment technology (integral to our training) is used by financial institutions all over the world, a recent review can be seen by Bloomberg here:

This technology bridges the gap between academic theory and practice and was awarded the global first prize along with The University of Stirling by the CFA Institute for innovation in education in 2015.

Lenny, it is a reality that this level of training does incur a cost. However, we now work with over 70 universities in the U.K. to subsidise this cost for the benefit of the student. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact me directly on LinkedIn.

Alternatively, if you would like to drop by our trading floor to talk with some current traders, or current trainees please feel free, just drop me a message to organise. We are right next to the Bank of England at 18 St Swithin's Lane London, EC4N 8AD.

I hope this also helps and I wish you the best for your future career in finance.

Will de Lucy

Managing Director of Amplify Trading
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