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Investment Banking
Aug 13, 2014
In this second part I will be looking at insight programmes, other key opportunities and alternative school leaver programmes.

Insight Programmes

These are a must for any A Level student interested in the industry. They are good for a number of reasons:
• Increasing your commercial awareness
• Networking (with both people your age who can help you in future with applications as well as industry professionals)
• Understanding investment banking and where you would like to work
• Getting a brand name on your CV
• Showing motivation from a young age
• Developing your skills
• Understanding the investment banking recruitment processes

Some opportunities include:
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
BP Integrated Supply & Trading

You might find some of these programmes slightly repetitive after a while but I actively encourage you to attend all of them if possible to build your network and show your dedication to the industry.

Some of these programmes are restricted to students in the UK only – check with HR before applying. In most cases, if you are on a gap year you are still eligible to apply to these programmes.

You should be aware these programmes are getting increasingly well-known and therefore more competitive year on year. These programmes are unpaid. In some cases, there are also specialist programmes for females, ethnic minority groups or those from lower income groups. Check the above links for further information on this.

Other Key Opportunities: Your Golden Ticket
Credit Suisse "Steps to Success"
Two year programme designed for those from under-privileged or under-represented backgrounds with an outstanding academic record. Two summer internships plus scholarship funding for tuition fees.

Deutsche Bank "I Have A Dream"

Three week paid placement with on-going support from Rare Recruitment for individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds living in greater London attending a state school.

Placement Organisations
SEO London Scholars
There is often a saying that there is “no golden ticket” into finance but if there was then SEO Scholars are certainly the closest thing to it. If you are from a typically under-represented or under-privileged background (especially ethnic minorities) then I would actively encourage you to apply to this. SEO London will be in a position to give you all the advice, guidance and help you need to secure placements and with university applications.

The Brokerage CityLink
If you attend a school in London (please check what classifies as “London” on the website) then The Brokerage CityLink is likely to be able to help you. They work to advise students on careers in the City and the various routes to get there as well as helping secure small work-related placements.

Rare Recruitment

The Alternative
If you decide that university is not for you then school leaver programmes are gaining more prominence and are very popular with Big 4 Accounting Firms. Banks also run similar programmes however they tend to be focused on areas such as Technology and Asset Management as well as other middle and back office roles. So, before making such a choice, you should be clear on what division exactly interests you and why. If you are interested in front office investment banking roles then this is not the route for you. Some opportunities are outlined below:
J.P. Morgan (Bournemouth)
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Lloyds Banking Group
Close Brothers
Bank of England

To conclude, there are many more opportunities than what is listed here. Now is a key time for you in deciding what direction to take. There is not necessarily a right way to approach things; it really depends on your own individual goals. But you should really start exploring what division interests you most and why, increase your awareness and make a proactive attempt to gain as much experience as possible.

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