1. Lenny Leonard

    Amplify Trading a scam?

    What do you think about the internship program from Amplify Trading? Is it worth the money? (looks strange as you pay for an intern, but I've read some interesting reviews about). How is the reputation among investment banks? ( ) Thanks.
  2. AlexLielacher

    Bonds 101

    You secured a job on a bond desk but you aren’t 100% sure what awaits you? In this post I will share the key aspects of working on such desk. For the sake of simplicity I will talk about working on a bond desk specifically as opposed to fixed income in general as that includes interest rate...
  3. AlexLielacher

    The Personality You Need for Trading

    I believe that every skill and profession can be learned by anyone. Nonetheless, some people are more prone to do certain jobs than others. In this post I would like to discuss seven signs that your personality might have that fit good for a trading career. 1. You Love The Financial Markets...
  4. AlexLielacher

    Trading Interviews 101

    During my time as a student I easily sat 25+ interviews for sales & trading internships and I have, myself, interviewed numerous candidates for sales & trading internships and graduate programs during my time 'in the army'. I have also worked in both trading and sales. In this post I would like...
  5. D

    Day in The Life of a Commodity Trader

    For those who are considering a career in sales, I’ve decided to outline what a typical day is like for a junior on a busy sales desk. My first front office role was as a junior salesperson, supporting an EMEA energy sales team covering oil and gas derivatives. Below are just some of the main...
  6. D

    4 Ways To Be A Better Sales Person

    So you’ve looked at the various careers paths within financial services, and you’re considering Sales as an option. There are several specific traits that successful salespeople have, either naturally or they have developed them over time. For example, some salespeople are highly persuasive and...
  7. AlexLielacher

    Sales versus Trading

    During my career in banking I worked as a corporate bond trader and later a fixed income sales person. In this post I will share with you the differences between working in trading versus working in sales. Trading Throughout my internships and my time at university all I wanted was to become a...