spring week

  1. Z

    Please shred my Spring Week CV!

    I've tried uploading my CV as an attachment, but I encountered several errors and thus had to resort to using imgur instead. Terribly sorry about that. I am applying to several places offering spring week under their technology department, however I am worried about my chances as I do not have...
  2. L

    Do I stand a chance for Spring Weeks?

    Hey, So first of all, I am from from the EMEA's, studying in Germany so don't blame me for that. I will start my major in physics this year while deepening my coding skills and getting stuff done regarding computer science. Since science doens't pay well, my ultimate goal is to get a placement...
  3. A

    Spring Week CV Shredder

    Hey guys ! I am first year and would really appreciate if you could give me feedback on my CV. I've edited it to keep it anonymous obviously. Thanks in advance!
  4. Fastum

    ~~~ My CV would like to be shredded ~~~

    Hello, I'm a student from continental Europe and hope to get one or more IB spring week(s) this year. The problem is that (1) Even though I read almost every goddamn article on how to make a good resume (it's my hobby really), I still need a pertinent review (2) None of my friends speak decent...
  5. W

    CV for SW

    Hi guys, Please critique my CV. Wording, content that should be left out or is missing, etc... Thanks!
  6. H

    Applying for spring weeks

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this.. I'm quite nervous about applying for IB spring weeks/insight programmes. I don't know how much financial knowledge they'll expect of me- I have virtually none! I don't know where to start with my CV, I don't have anything related to finance to put on there but I...
  7. L

    Shred my CV!

    Hi Any tips and advice on improving my CV will be truly appreciated as I plan to use this to apply to spring weeks. I'd love brutal honest too! Shred it to bits Will also be cutting it down to just 1-page still deciding what to cut. Thank you!
  8. D

    How to Convert a Spring Week

    Hello everyone. I am doing three spring weeks this year and I just got my first fast-track interview for a summer internship for next year at one of them. Best of luck to everyone trying to do the same - here is what I learned. Enjoy! How do I stand out? There are various ways you can make...