spring internship

  1. L

    Do I stand a chance for Spring Weeks?

    Hey, So first of all, I am from from the EMEA's, studying in Germany so don't blame me for that. I will start my major in physics this year while deepening my coding skills and getting stuff done regarding computer science. Since science doens't pay well, my ultimate goal is to get a placement...
  2. Lenny Leonard

    Work experience like spring week for undergrad students?

    I will graduate in December, and I would like to add an IB experience in my CV. Events like this? Or day training or similar? Thank you so much guys :cool:
  3. D

    How to Convert a Spring Week

    Hello everyone. I am doing three spring weeks this year and I just got my first fast-track interview for a summer internship for next year at one of them. Best of luck to everyone trying to do the same - here is what I learned. Enjoy! How do I stand out? There are various ways you can make...
  4. C

    So You Want a Summer Internship in London? | Part II

    Summer interns aren't a bank's number one priority. You're not the superstar they're waiting to hire. Around this time, banks have to deal with locking down their summer intern offer holders, followed by fast-track recruitment, followed by graduate recruitment. If you applied in the first week...