private equity interviews

  1. JFH

    Interviewing for a Private Equity role - part 3: The Investment Committee

    Continuing my series of posts on the basic information you need to stand out at interview for a PE role (previous ones have covered valuations and GP/LPs), this is an overview on the role of the Investment Committee (AKA: the IC). While a deal team will be responsible for doing the work of...
  2. JFH

    Interviewing for a Private Equity role? Know your GP from your LP

    This is my second post about information that you should be familiar with if interviewing for a role in Private Equity (the first was on valuation). The objective is to arm the uninitiated with information that will make you able to talk, if not like an expert, then at least like someone who is...
  3. H

    Breaking into Private Equity

    Ever wonder how you can get your foot in the private equity door? Ever ask yourself how you can fight against the brightest and most competitive people out there? For most of us, the world sharp-suited deal-makers and financiers has a reputation for keeping headcount low and hiring only from an...