networking guide

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    My Networking Tips

    As a finalist university student, I know how daunting networking can often be. You want to impress the people you meet, so they hopefully consider you for (or refer you for) a job at their firm, but also don’t want your relative lack of knowledge and experience to portray a bad impression of...
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    How to network effectively

    Networking is probably one of the most overrated and at the same time the most underrated aspects of business, especially if you progress in your career. Some of you might dread the thought of entering a room full of strangers to network, but having a robust network will help you with finding...
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    Networking Guide for Females

    Are you a female who's trying to make it in the male-dominated finance industry? I know, it's a battle field. It's especially harder for younger women. A lot of the time women are focused on doing a really good job. Yes, it's very important to be good at what you're doing. However, you also...