interview technique

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    How to Ace The Trade Idea Interview at Hedge Funds

    So you have met the team and the hiring process is going well. You are getting close, but there’s still one major hurdle standing in your way: the dreaded Case Study. You will be asked to present on a stock and formulate an investment recommendation based on your analysis. You’ll be grilled for...
  2. AlexLielacher

    Interview Preparation for Beginners

    At the more advanced stages of the application process it is even more important that you show up well prepared to your interviews. Not only because you want to outperform the other candidates but also because you can have sort of a peace of mind going into interviews, knowing you are actually...
  3. D

    How to Win IBD Offers

    Here goes my second article. Check out my first one here. Rounds of rounds of rounds of interviews.. why? What does it take to make someone standout? How do I become good at interviewing? I’ll summarise in this post the reason for why interviews (exc. Assessment centre) play such a vital role...