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    How to Ace The Trade Idea Interview at Hedge Funds

    So you have met the team and the hiring process is going well. You are getting close, but there’s still one major hurdle standing in your way: the dreaded Case Study. You will be asked to present on a stock and formulate an investment recommendation based on your analysis. You’ll be grilled for...
  2. AlexLielacher

    Trading Interviews 101

    During my time as a student I easily sat 25+ interviews for sales & trading internships and I have, myself, interviewed numerous candidates for sales & trading internships and graduate programs during my time 'in the army'. I have also worked in both trading and sales. In this post I would like...
  3. Mr. Exclusive

    Fit Interview Questions

    ABC – Always Be Closing. If you haven't seen this classic yet, watch it and embrace its' message. You need to convert. If you don't, it's real simple: you got nothing coming. You could have dominated your online competency questions, online tests and you could have even made a killer CV – all...