cv shredder

  1. A

    Spring Week CV Shredder

    Hey guys ! I am first year and would really appreciate if you could give me feedback on my CV. I've edited it to keep it anonymous obviously. Thanks in advance!
  2. Fastum

    ~~~ My CV would like to be shredded ~~~

    Hello, I'm a student from continental Europe and hope to get one or more IB spring week(s) this year. The problem is that (1) Even though I read almost every goddamn article on how to make a good resume (it's my hobby really), I still need a pertinent review (2) None of my friends speak decent...
  3. W

    CV for SW

    Hi guys, Please critique my CV. Wording, content that should be left out or is missing, etc... Thanks!
  4. M

    Shred My CV - Applying to IBD and MBB Consulting

    Hi guys, I'm currently studying at a top UK university and I am looking to get a graduate job in IBD or alternatively, join MBB. I'd really appreciate it if people could give me some feedback on my CV, whether regarding layout, design or content. Please be as critical as possible; I'm...