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    Professional Skills Guide & How to Convert an Assessment Centre into an Offer

    I have interviewed and onboarded quite a few graduates in my career, so wanted to share my experience. To succeed in an assessment center (more on this below), in different interview settings and later in your first job, a number of professional skills/attitudes/mindsets are helpful. First of...
  2. Canary Wharfian

    FEATURED Read 10 Lengthy Reviews of Assessment Centres

    Have an upcoming Assessment Centres at one of the leading investment banks? Look no more! The answer is here. The Assessment Centre database lets you share insider information on assessment centres. It's a great way to get to know what will happen at your assessment centre, including specific...
  3. L

    What I Observed During My AC

    I thought to share with you guys what I learned from doing my first-ever assessment centre at a BB investment bank. 1, Be Friendly With Everyone If you are friendly only with HR and employees of the firm but not other students: fuck you. Treat everyone with the same. That means making small...