Quant Finance Interview Guide

The Definitive Technical Guide
On Probability & Market Making-style Interview Questions For Quant Finance

Are you a university student or experienced professional
looking to break into the quantitative finance industry?

Do you have an upcoming interview at the likes of Jane Street, Two Sigma, SIG, Optiver and so on and looking for a no-fluff interview guide to prepare with?

Maximize your chances of landing an offer with our technical interview guide authored by a quant.

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Really good thanks. Helped with an interview I had recently. Perfect save. Overall really helpful. The answers are well written and loads of questions.
Physics Graduate, University of Cambridge

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70 up-to-date, actual interview questions from
top quantitative trading firms and their step-by-step solutions.

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Is This Fair?

Buying this interview guide will help you prepare for the type of questions that you will encounter during a technical interview. It is not a silver bullet, but the questions and their solutions are quite representative of any interview. The actual questions you might be asked might slight differ from the ones in the book, but the way to approach them is not and there are only so many ways a problem can be constructed. They might keep adding complexity to the question and see you handle it. There is a lot more to succeeding at interviews than technical skills and this guide alone won't help with cultural fit and communication skills.

Competition for these roles is extremely high and training with this guide will significantly improve your odds of landing your desired role. It does not replace a strong educational background or quantitative skills, but will serve as a great complement and a form of training.

Why This Guide?

Unlike many other technical interview guides out there, our book focuses solely on probability, game theory and market-making style interview questions and their combination, rather than general financial engineering, options pricing and others.

While other, non-technical stages of the interview might be less difficult to prepare and control your success for, we are hoping this guide will make the outcome of the technical rounds more predictable. This book had been published in 2023, so it is also relatively newer than some of the other books.

This guide will save you time by having compiled the most commonly asked questions and their most straightforward solutions in a single book.

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    Jun 13, 2021
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