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Psychometric Test Providers for the UK

All of the above mentioned providers are UK based and focus on UK companies. The tests are based in admission tests delivered by companies such as HSBC, HMRC, Lloyds, and other financial institutions.
However, as of recent, there has been a convergence in pyschometric testing standards, with many large companies adopting tests based on frameworks such as SHL, Kenexa, or Talent-Q. For that reason, Graudate Monkey, Assessment Day, and Job Test Prep are also good options for US based candidates.

Practice Psychometric Tests- How Reliable Are They?

The above mentioned providers base their practice questions on constant feedback from employers and candidates. Job Test Prep, for example, is known for differentiating between employers and creating packs for each profession, based on the test question providers used most in each industry.

Which Test Package Should I Choose for my Specific Industry?

Each provider has developed specialties in different industries. Below are listed some of their best packs:

Kenexa Practice Tests?

Kenexa is a psychometric test provider company owned by IBM. Among the companies that use them are Bank of America, Grant Thornton, and Deloitte. There is no one particularly industry that uses this provider more than others, though consulting and finance firms are prominent in the client list.

The Kenexa exercises are divided into 3 groups: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Computer Adaptive Tests.

SHL Practice Tests?

SHL is particularly popular with UK employers as they are themselves a British company. Alleged clients include Deloitte, PWC, Barclays, JP Morgan, and Accenture. Please note that whilst some companies may have been mentioned as using other test providers, it often happens that the UK division will use one company and the US will use another.

Their questions are usually about logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning, as well as personality tests.

Free Psychometric Tests?

We recommend investing in a full scale test prep bundle, as in our experience, this investment has an immense ROI in terms of getting a high paying job.

However, if you're not ready to press the trigger, the following providers offer free trials:

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