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Quant Trader Developer
Their HackerRank had 2 questions medium/hard difficulty, where the efficiency of your code did matter. The second question also related to time-series data and was somewhat open-ended.
After this, they invite you to a set of psychometric tests, which they supposedly use in conjunction with your HackerRank results. These are personality questions, and logical, numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
The 1st round (phone) interview was very much script-based, with the interviewer having set questions to ask and things to say. The graduate programme was explained, and then a couple of basic algebra questions were asked:
* Jim has twice as many sisters as brothers. Jane, Jim's sister, has the same amount of sisters as brothers. How many siblings are there in total? (Answer: 7)
* A new tyre wears out after 40,000kms on the front wheel of a car or 60,000 kms on the back wheel of a car. What is the maximum distance that can be driven on a set of new tyres?
I withdrew before the 2nd round, but I was invited to it and it was explained that it would be a "group strategy task". You are paired with one other person, and get 2 hours to analyse a dataset. Then, another 90 minutes to present your findings to an engineer and work on another group task.

They were also very transparent with the starting salary and sign-on bonus in the 1st round interview, which was nice.
Job title: Quant Trader Developer
$115,000 AUD (+ $30k AUD sign-on bonus)
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