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Royal Bank of Canada

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Vice President
RBC is a great company to work for – I moved from a top American bank to RBC because of a friend’s recommendation. For an equivalent team, my role at RBC offered a lot more responsibilities and I am now front office, interacting directly with clients. My previous role outside of RBC did not allow me to have such responsibilities, and another separate team was in charge of clients which made the process less efficient.

People are accessible and easy to approach. Because of the nature of my work, I have to interact with many different teams and so far, I have had no issues. People are happy and always willing to help.

RBC offers a very good compensation package. Pension is optimised, salary and bonuses are in line with the market and they offer good medical benefits. They are also putting in place leasing arrangements where we have preferred tariffs on electric leasing, paying directly from our salary which allows us to reduce the cost further. The pay is probably slightly lower than at some top banks, but the workload is also dealt with differently. I do not work much at the weekend, or on holidays and they make sure the team is big enough to have sufficient support.

Quite often, management is made of persons that have been at RBC for 10+ years. Once at RBC at a senior level, people will tend to stay in their position for most of the rest of their career given the positive attitude at the bank. This also means that they have a good knowledge of the institution and provide relevant guidance throughout your career.

One downside, given the size of the institution, is that there are still a few administrative processes that are required – like most big banks. This means that some projects are a little bit longer than they should be. However, I have to say that these are better streamlined than at other top American banks.
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